Ready to feel empowered, get stronger, and join a vibrant community? Anna Kaiser Studios gives you a comprehensive fitness program through a variety of exclusive class offerings and services.

Take the 2 week intro challenge:

2 beginner step classes

1 beginner dance class

1 sculpt class.

Feel the difference in 4 classes

See the difference in 8 classes.

All fitness levels are welcome and encouraged!


Anna Kaiser is the Founder and CEO of Anna Kaiser Studios. Anna is renowned for transforming the bodies of clients around the world. Her signature workout program combines dance, Pilates, and sculpt toning that leads to visible results.

Through her online streaming membership program, 3 flagship studios, and unique content creation, Anna has helped transform thousands of clients’ lives and bodies. She has quickly become one of the industry’s most highly respected and reputable experts.

Her clients include Kelly Ripa, Shakira, Karlie Kloss, Sarah Jessica Parker, and now YOU.


When we move together, something magical happens! Yes, we're working out, but more importantly, we're cultivating a strong and vibrant community. We're thrilled to welcome you to our family.


We recommend that everyone begin with a personalized client assessment to evaluate their background, fitness level, and goals. From there, your trainer will create a program plan that meets your schedule and fitness needs.


When you attend an Anna Kaiser Studios class, everything you need is right at your fingertips. Fully-stocked showers, lockers, workout towels, water, and dressing rooms are available.

Our Locations

We offer classes at three locations:

Upper East Side

Located at 244 E 84th Street, New York, NY (between 2nd and 3rd Ave). Anna Kaiser Studios can be found on the 4th floor (with both elevator and stair options).

East Hampton

Located at 3 Railroad Ave, East Hampton, NY. Our studio is across from the train station, next to Hampton Chutney. Parking is available behind the building.

New Canaan

Located at 45 Grove St, New Cannan, CT. You can find our studio on the second floor of Halo Fitness. Enter through the sliding glass doors in the garage.



Our infamous DANCE-CARDIO class pairs heart-pumping routines with strength intervals to get you everything you need for a fun and results-driven workout.
This BEGINNER friendly class is a 45min introduction to our DANCE class. We will breakdown our signature moves and clarify basic strength exercises in an interval style format to give you a perfect mix of strength and cardio at a moderate level of intensity.

This Class Is For You If: You want a fun and effective workout and are NEW to dance workouts!

Equipment Provided: Mat, towel, 3lb weights, foam roller

Equipment Needed: Supportive sneakers


Our modernized STEP class delivers a truly unique interval training experience, incorporating a box and overhead band system that will leave you dripping with sweat, all set to an endorphin-rushing playlist.
This BEGINNER friendly class is a 45min introduction to our STEP class. We will breakdown our signature moves and clarify basic strength exercises in an interval style format to give you a perfect mix of strength and cardio.

This Class Is For You If: You want a challenging workout and are new to our STEP classes!

Equipment Provided: AK Studios box, 3lb weights, 5lb weights, 8lb weights, medium-strength resistance band, medicine ball

Equipment Needed: Supportive sneakers


Designed to create long and lean muscles while challenging your stamina, this toning class incorporates low weight with high repetitions to burn out every muscle in your body with a workout like no other.

We will focus on strength segments lasting 15 minutes each which target your upper body, lower body, core, and finish with guided deep stretches.

This Class Is For You If: You want to build muscular endurance through a low-impact strength class that incorporates Barre and Pilates-inspired movements.

Equipment Provided: Mat, towel, 3lb weights, 5lb weights, foam roller

Equipment Needed: Supportive sneakers


Two classes in one! This class combines the content and choreography of our DANCE class with our SCULPT format. It’s a great intro to both types of classes and the results are insane.

This Class Is For You If: You want an upbeat cardio workout and an intense 30-minute full-body burn to target your core, upper body, and lower body.

Equipment Provided: Mat, towel, 3lb weights, 5lb weights, pilates overball, foam roller resistance band

Equipment Needed: Supportive sneakers


Get ready for a crazy fun HIIT class set to a power playlist. Our incredible team of expert trainers will motivate you safely through functional strength + power intervals with a focus on proper form and execution.

This Class Is For You If: You want a quick and effective workout! Bonus points if you love circuits!
Equipment Provided: weights, mat, foam roller, AK Studios box
Equipment Needed: Supportive Sneakers


Can’t decide which amazing class is your fave? Do them all! This class is a combination of Dance, Step, and Sculpt, challenging your mind and body to keep up with shorter intervals of each. We recommend trying all our class formats first before jumping in!

This Class Is For You If: You love all the formats and can't decide!
Equipment Provided: weights, mat, foam roller, AK Studios box
Equipment Needed: Supportive Sneakers


New content changes every Monday. This includes choreography, strength workouts, and interval exercises.

Life hack: While our instructors break down the content in every class, we recommend participating in your first class on a Monday. Anna personally creates and releases content for sessions and classes every Monday!


This is the best of concierge fitness. Our Private Training program gives you one-on-one access to Anna Kaiser Studios and our elite trainer collective.

You and your dedicated trainer set the pace, choose the type of workout and strategize on the best ways to attain your fitness goals.

Live the fitness dream.


Classes at Anna Kaiser Studios are a level above any other. Here’s what gives us our edge:

Unparalleled Workout Experience.

With an extensive background in professional dance, performance, sports medicine, and exercise, Anna Kaiser brings you the expert programming of a celebrity trainer amplified by the energy of a vibrant fitness community.

The strategic combination of strength interval training, Pilates, yoga, and dance caters to all fitness levels and delivers unparalleled results. Each of our trainers has over a decade of experience and holds a certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, in addition to other high-level certifications specific to their field.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Boutique Fitness.

Get everything you need from personal training to nutrition, recovery, performance metrics, a personalized class program, and more to help you reach your goals. We focus on keeping transitions short and intensity high while still encouraging proper form and increased flexibility.

All our workouts are movement based and rooted in functional training, giving you the best results physically and mentally within a vibrant community.


When does Anna Kaiser teach classes?

Anna teaches 2 classes per week in NYC. Book your class with Anna here.

Which qualifications do your trainers have?

The trainer collective at Anna Kaiser Studios is hand selected and trained by Anna. Every trainer has over ten years of professional dance experience and holds a certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. We prioritize continuing education; our trainers have earned additional certifications including pre and post-natal, CHEK method, Conditioning Exercise Specialist (CES), and special populations. Each has expertise in their field, is an experienced teacher, and has a passion and love for movement and boutique fitness.

How often should I go to class to see results?

While the exact timeframe a person notices results will vary, we recommend committing to at minimum 3 classes per week for four weeks. Most people feel the difference in their bodies after 4 classes and can see the difference in 8 classes.

Are your classes heated?

The room is maintained at 75 degrees.

I can’t dance. Can I still take your dance class?

Yes! If you're new to dance, try our BEGINNER DANCE class first. And because each of our class instructors is certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), they are able to tailor the class to accommodate a variety of fitness levels and any necessary modifications.

Do you have sprung floors?

Yes. Each of our locations has a unique proprietary sprung floor created by Anna.

Should I wear a heart rate monitor in class?

We encourage you to wear a heart rate monitor or other monitoring device. This enables you to track your work in classes and share the report with your trainer, who can continue to hone your workout program based on your progress.

Can you tell me more about Anna Kaiser?

Anna has been featured in Vogue, The NYTimes, Cosmopolitan, US Weekly, The Today Show, Good Morning America, SELF, Glamour, Shape, WWD, E!, InStyle, W Magazine, Women’s Health, Well&Good, and has been a contributing editor for People Magazine. Anna co-hosted the primetime ABC Series “My Diet is Better than Yours” and partnered with Target to create the C9 Limited Edition by Anna Kaiser, available in stores nationwide. NBC’s "Know Your Value" deemed her the "reigning queen of fitness" and she was selected as one of Greatist's 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness.

Anna’s first DVD Expecting More: The Complete Pregnancy Fitness System for Fit and Healthy Moms-to-Be, received rave reviews internationally and a GOLD medal at the National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA).

She has hosted holistic wellness retreats in Mexico, Costa Rica, Austin, Ojai, and Martha's Vineyard, and continues to train and travel internationally.