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Anna Kaiser Studios is excited to bring MONTHLY Master Training Video Series right to you. Anna, alongside her incredible team of trainers, has created 15-30 minute workouts that delivers every component you need to move your mind, body, and spirit.

Whether you have 15 minutes or an hour, our classes are movement based and grounded in functional training, giving you the best results physically and mentally within a vibrant community.

Every month a new Master Training Video Series, featuring 5 videos and a calendar to follow along with, will be released, so you have fresh content at your fingertips.

*Note: By purchasing this video series you will only have access to the videos for 30 days. This charge is not recurring. The Master Training Video Series will be accessible in the "My Library" section.


Want to train like Kelly Ripa? Kelly's program alternates daily between sculpt, power, dance interval training, restorative yoga, and our signature step workout. Anna Kaiser programs the perfect combination of muscular endurance + power to make sure she continues to maintain/build muscle + get the right amount of healthy heart healthy cardio without hitting adrenal fatigue. Anna's goal for Kelly is to continue to create a sustainable program that keeps us both inspired and training for life!


Experience Kelly's signature program by purchasing the "Workout like Kelly Ripa" Fitness Bundle. After purchase, you will receive a schedule on how to use this bundle.

Memberships & Pricing


Unlimited LIVE virtual classes + access to our streaming library

PLUS: discounts on virtual-intensives and mini-series

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Access to 90+ videos in our AKS virtual library to take on-demand.

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* All times listed below are EST (Eastern Standard Time)

* All times listed above are EST (Eastern Standard Time)



Our infamous dance class pairs a heart-pumping routine with strength intervals to get you everything you need for a crazy fun workout— and a dance party that you’ll be practicing with friends in and out of the studio.

Equipment: mat, towel, 3lb weights, supportive sneakers

Stats: 60 minutes; high Intensity


Set to an endorphin-rushing playlist, our signature conditioning class energizes interval training with a modern-day step aerobics class. This workout will leave you dripping and on a workout high like you’ve never experienced.

Equipment: towel, AK Studios box, 3lb weights, 8lb weights, medium-strength resistance band, supportive sneakers

Stats: 60 minutes; moderate Intensity


Designed to create long and lean muscles while challenging your stamina, this toning class will burn out every muscle in your body with a workout like no other.

Equipment: mat, towel, 3lb weights, resistance band

Stats: 45 minutes; low Intensity


Can’t decide which amazing class is your fave? Do them all! This class is a combination of Dance, Step, and Sculpt, challenging your mind and body to keep up with shorter intervals of each. We recommend trying all our class formats first before jumping in!

Equipment: AK Studios box, mat, towel, 3 lb weights, 8lb weights, resistance band, supportive sneakers

Stats: 60 minutes; high Intensity


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Our AKS virtual community is near and dear to the heart of our company. We love connecting with fitness enthusiasts from across the country!