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"I found Anna Kaiser Studios because I was doing so many fitness routines all over the city, but I just couldn't find that one. [Anna Kaiser Studios] is the perfect mix of cardio and strength! I am stronger than ever, more confident than ever, and I just feel so good about myself and my life!"
- Erinn M., NYC



Anna's Weekly Class Program

Get access to 5 NEW recorded workouts every week + an invitation to 5 LIVE classes. New content drops every 7 days! Access our weekly program designed and led by Anna and one of our Master Trainers and join our LIVE workouts at the convenience of your schedule.

When you become a member of the Anna Kaiser Studios Family, you are invited to join the conversation on our Community Board and chat with Anna and the team live! Leave your questions about workouts, programming, and connect to a community that will help support and celebrate your journey.

LIVE Schedule:

Mondays 11am DANCE w/ Jamie

Tuesdays 9:30am MASHUP w/ Anna

Wednesday 12:15pm HIIT w/ Anna

Thursdays 9:30am SCULPT w/ Anna

Anna’s recommended program:

Each week, take one of each of the 4 class formats live or on your own time. Recovery days are important, so please schedule at least one recovery day between the four workouts (Ex: M, T, day off, Th, F, day off)

*Recommended program: DANCE, SCULPT, HIIT, POWER UP

*Recommended for first-time + new clients

*Auto renews monthly

*New workouts refresh every week. You will only have access to the current week’s program to keep you on track!

Unlimited LIVE + On-Demand

Already an AKS pro and want it all?? Get access to over 160+ hours of on-demand videos ranging from 15min to 75min.

Upgrade to the UNLIMITED VOD collection and have access for 30 days.

*Recommended for returning clients


"I have been training with Anna Kaiser for over 8 years now. The workouts are challenging but fun and never get boring. Since I’m not living in NYC, I do the virtual classes which are just as good as the ones in the studio. What I also love about AKS is the community, the trainer’s who care for their clients, encourage you and make you feel welcome. And of course Anna, who is a genius in her profession but at the same time so approachable. I still remember how she reached out in the crazy 2020 to ask how I’m doing and what I need. Who cares that much for their clients?!! I love her, her team and her workouts."

Monika L. 

Abigail D.   

"Inspired by Kelly Ripa, I started following Anna & the studio in early 2020, and I became a virtual member shortly afterwards. The mix of cardio and dance was exactly what I was looking for as a former instructor who was bored with her workout routine. And then, the pandemic hit… Anna and her team didn’t miss a beat (pun, intended!). Some days (especially the long ones juggling homeschooling and my job) class with AKS was the only time I had to myself. The community they created and continue to maintain is phenomenal."

Krista G.