#MomGoals with Anna Kaiser

February 4, 2022

#MomGoals with Anna Kaiser

Liz: Hi, I'm Liz

Amanda: and I'm Amanda and we are mom goals today. We are so excited to have Anna Kaiser on Anna. Kaiser is founder of Anna Kaiser studios. She's celebrity fitness trainer, choreographer, personal trainer to Kelly Ripa, Shakira, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alicia keys. And of course your. Me, she's been named one of the most 100 influential people in health and fitness, and she does it all somehow while momming two young boys, Anna, it's a pleasure to have you on.

Thanks for being here with us today and hanging out. Thank you so

Anna: much for having me. I would hang out with you any day, Amanda,

Amanda: so good in and out of the studio, right?

Anna: Yeah. Yes, definitely mom goals. We have to get out of the munchkins together more often. We do.

Amanda: Well now you've moved back to the city. I'm still up here in CT, but somehow [00:01:00] we're, we're always passing in the night, but we hang, we will hang.


Liz: Yes. So Amanda did such a great intro about who you are, and I know a little bit from Amanda and obviously from like you being just an amazing presence, but how would you describe who you are and what you do?

Anna: Oh, my goodness. That is a huge question. Let's see. Um, I am a very passionate, driven human. Um, I.

I have always had a love for dance and have expressed myself through that medium. Um, and my goal as a founder and a teacher and a motivator is to inspire others. To find their passion through movement and not just movement, but movement with purpose, everything I do [00:02:00] in the, in my own sessions, as well as in the class content in my business, um, has a purpose and an end goal.

Um, this is driven by. Years of science and expertise and passion. Um, and I hope to inspire others to find that excitement, um, and find a love for movement and who they are in the world as their strongest self. Um, and I hope to help my. Kids find that for themselves too. Um, and every day is different. And I think, um, one of the things that I love most about my life is that I'm able to wear so many hats and some people call that mom goals, or some people call that being an entrepreneur.

But, um, I feel very lucky. Yes. I just feel very lucky to be able to have a different day. Every day and be a mom, be a wife, an entrepreneur, a boss, a friend, a teacher, um, and always exploring and innovating. And that keeps me really excited.

Anna:  Oh, what else is so great about the studios is the community. We have such a wonderful community of women who also do it all. Step into that room, um, and are responsible for the energy that they bring into the room. They are happy humans, they support one another. It is not competitive.

It is not negative. It was super positive. Exactly who you are. Amanda. We just, we attract that kind of woman, mom. Business woman entrepreneur. I remember one of, um, Catherine Catherine said to me at one point, I really want to do a private because I want to learn the dances, not so that she could be better than someone but that, so she didn't hold the class back.

She was thinking of the greater community and as a women. Um, it is so important that we find a group like that, that supports each other in the room and brings that energy, uh, an excitement to take an adventure, you know, spend the hour and explore together. Um, and inspire one another and, you know, not just show up and leave or not show up and try and be better than someone else, whether it's in the studio or at work or at school that we've really show up.

And we're aware of the people that are sharing our energy and we're bringing that great energy to. Any situation that we're in, but, um, specifically for the community around at Kaiser studios, it was so important for me when I opened those doors that everyone who walked in felt happy, first of all, and felt supported by the space, the community, the instructors myself every day.

Um, and it's, I think it's one of the most important things that women can do for women. Especially.

Amanda: Yeah. And from the top down, I have to say, like, I have been a fitness fanatic my entire life. I have never been to a studio or involved in a community. That's just, you know, your vibe attracts your tribe.

This goes in and out beyond this, that

Anna: totally, that Amanda.

Amanda: So, I mean, at fully noted, I came up here, you know, going through a divorce, new moms, 17 years in the city, just really trying to find my way. And the minute I stepped into that studio, I have to say like every single person, totally nice, totally accepting, interested, interesting, you know, brand new group of friends.

So, and I won't, I mean, that's how I start every day.

Liz: And Amanda talks about your studio all the time. Like it's a huge passion of hers and you don't even really think it. I mean, I had to get new moves before I came. Oh, come on. You always had moves. Ridiculous. Ridiculous. Always had moves, but I really have seen like, Amanda's even not just.

Her appearance has transformed since going to your studio, but like her inward, her like her energy, like she's always had amazing positive energy, but that debt like going to your studio every day has like given her this like really radiant, positive outlook. And I really, now I want to do it.

Written by Amanda Mintz



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