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Anna Kaiser Studios brings you the programming of a celebrity trainer amplified by the energy of a vibrant fitness community.

Our three workouts DANCE, SCULPT, and STEP update on the 1st and 15th of every month to challenge you to feel motivated, strong, and ready for whatever comes next. COMMIT to you and we will do the rest.

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"I truly love Anna Kaiser studios - the trainers, content and the entire vibe, it really is what gets me through the day and I’ve seen the best results both physically and mentally." - Haley D., VIRTUAL

"Coming back into the studio was invigorating, and made me realize how much was missing from my life during 2020. It is energetic and refreshing, and it quickly brings you back up to speed with the workouts!!! - Lucy G., NYC

"I say this without hesitation: Joining Anna Kaiser Studios was one of the BEST things I chose to do this year. Being able to be with all of you was so important to me." - Tara S, VIRTUAL

"I wouldn't have mentally gotten through pregnancy without your program and support. I felt happy post workout and just being in the studio, feeling the energy would make my day. This studio is my happy place." - Esther P., NYC



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